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Periodic maintenance is essential for your car !

Conducting periodic maintenance will ensure its performance capabilities and life of your vehicle. The following are general recommended intervals for your passenger vehicle, SUV, minivan and pickup truck and are based on oil changes performed every 50000/10000 Km.

People on tight budgets often neglect to have their cars get a routine maintenance check; however, poorly maintained vehicles can cause thousands of car collisions each year.

Now the tight budget is not an issue, because of our annual maintenance pack provides you cashless periodic maintenance cover for 1 year.

What does a usual periodic maintenance include is:- 

Changing Oil and Filter change to keep the engine running smoothly and breathing fresh air.

Check your coolant levels and keep it filled to the correct level to prevent wear on your engine

Check your wiper blades and replace if worn (don’t forget to top up the washer fluid)

Check your battery and its charging system, most car batteries last 3-5 years

Check your hoses and belts on a regular basis for cracks or leaks

Check and replace old spark plugs

Don’t neglect the brakes, for ensuring your safety cannot be understated since the brakes are the most critical component of your car. inspect the brake pads and top up brake fluid.

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