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Is it right time to change brake pads !

Most of us neglect brakes during service and keep running car with Squeaking and squealing sounds from the brakes. most of the people cant change brakes until innocent squeaking turns into a menacing metal-on-metal grinding.

Few Signs

  • Squeaks, squeals and metal-to-metal grinding noises are typical signs you’re past due for new brake pads or rotors.
  • Longer stopping distances and more pedal travel before you feel the significant braking force.
  • If it’s been more than two years since your brake parts were replaced, it’s a good idea to have the brakes checked at every oil change or every six months.
  • Brakes wear gradually, so it can be hard to tell by feel or sound when it’s time for new pads or rotors.

According to Brakes pads wear out at different rates depending on these and a number of other factors, so it’s hard to determine when you will need to replace. Let’s take a closer look at how long brake pads last and how to tell when they are due for replacement. The Cars Which are running in the crowded urban area need replacements 3 times faster than cars mostly running in highway areas. For eg., a city running car must require replacement in between 12,000-20,000 Km, while the car running in highways needs replacement in between 35,000-60,000 Km.

So, tell in comments how long your brake pads are lasting?


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  1. I bought a used Chrysler Sebring convertible 05. Last year. I’m interested in getting a. Free. brake inspection .

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