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To what extent your car’s AC, effect the vehicle’s performance?

As everyday the mercury rising high, air conditioning is the one thing that you desperately need while driving a car. You just cannot drive your vehicle unless you turn the AC on. Without that your car turns into a big microwave, literally. This brings us to the main question of, whether the car’s AC effect the performance of your ride or not. There are many self acclaimed experts to tell you one thing or another. But, turning on the AC, does really effect your car’s performance or not? Read on to find the answer to this biggest question.



How does the AC, draws power?


Your car’s AC will obviously take power from the same source your whole car takes, and that is the engine. The additional pressure of the air conditioning system puts load on the engine. And when the engine propels energy to the cooling mechanism it will inevitably be dividing its full energy into two, effecting the throttle of the car. This simple knowledge proves that the AC puts extra inevitable pressure on the engine, thus having some effect on performance of the car.


How much pressure is put on the Engine?


It is clear from the above statement that AC system puts pressure on the engine and performance, but exactly how big a pressure is for the engine. The amount of effect on the engines performance from the air conditioning depends on the condition of the engine, power of the vehicles air conditioning system and the manufacturing date of your car. Newer the car, lesser the effect on engine. Above all conditions, work inversely proportional to the amount of effect on the cars engine.

How can the performance issues due to the cooling system, be minimized?

The performance issues of the car due to the AC system can be minimized by simple practices.

  1. Using the AC feature when necessary, not when there is not a need.
  2. Setting the temperature of the AC, according to the heat outside of the vehicle.
  3. Keeping in mind, to switch off the AC while turning the ignition on.

So, here is the final answer to the big question. Your AC does puts some effect on the performance of your car, but it can be easily varied. After all no good comes without any loss.


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