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5 things to remember during Car Service

Generally, cars required service in every 10,000Kms or 1 Year whichever is earlier. After free services offered by dealership most of the car owners choose local individual mechanics for their car service instead of visiting to proper service stations.

Just changing Engine Oil and Air Filter / Oil Filter is not complete service of Car. Because lots of wear & tear occurs during uses of car, that need lots of observations and fixing the problems to enjoy the smooth ride after service. So here we are picking up 5 must remember things during Car Service

1. Oil Change:

Oil Change in every 10,000 Km or in every 1 year is important is as human needs oxygen to live. Choose the recommended oil grade for your car.

2. Fluid Top-ups:

Other than engine oil there are many more fluids required to run a car smoothly. Like Brake Fluid, Coolant, Powersteering Oil & Gear Oil. Keep them check and top-up/change if required.

3. Filters:

Filters help the car to eat & breath clean. Air Filter, Oil Filter, and AC Cabin Filter, Fuel Filter must be in every car. Check all filters and clean/change if required.

4. Alignment & Balancing:

For smooth and enjoyable drive check your wheel is properly aligned or not. Cause every day our car passes from lots of path holes. Some times that cause a disturbance in alignment and Balancing of wheels.

5. Break:

Braking is equally and more important as others. Because without break we can’t able to control the car. Check and Inspect Brake pad & Breakshoe, Change / Clean if required.

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