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5 signs that shows you love your car too much

We all have cars, but these signs show that you love your cars more than others. So read the article and measure your car love.

Your Car is Shining all the time

Your beloved beauty is spotless all the time. Then absolutely you are a crazy car lover. You Clean your car before every drive, vacuum it timely and change air freshener to your favorite fragrance.

You don’t let anybody else drive your car

When it comes to driving your darling, there is no way you would allow anybody at all to come behind the steering. Why? Because, how can you trust them on your car? It is necessary to make sure the running is smooth and that no harm is caused to your car.

You give strict rules to passengers

It’s perfectly acceptable to ask people to not eat or drink in your new car but if you’ve ever considered insisting your gran takes her shoes off before you’re willing to give her a lift, you probably love your car a bit too much. Like, more than your gran.

You take EVERY opportunity to show it off

The very purpose of having a car is to get from A to B but if you’re taking unnecessary or incredibly short car journeys just to show off your wheels, you could be in trouble. Hanging around in your car at places where people you want to impress regularly visit is also a bit weird.

You have CarCooper Annual Service Membership Package

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